Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alexander Wang

He is my favorite designer.
When I saw his collection first time, I was so surprised.
He is a such a genius and lovely guy.
Actually, last New York Fashion Week, I saw him at the Barnry's New York,and
I gave him a letter that i wrote with a pin I made.
There were a lot of people who protected him from many people,so it was pretty difficult to give it to him.
However, I thought that if I didn't give it to him,I would regret forever.
so, I just ran and gave the letter to him.
He smiled and said "thank you "to me!!!
I can never forget that moment. oh,my god! I do love him admire him!!!
Also, there is a bag that I really really want to buy(of course, one of his bag), but it is quite expensive for me..
so, I have to save money from now!!!!!

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