Monday, May 30, 2011

Hang out with my friends!


 UJ - she is a model!!!!

MJ - she cannot live without highheels.haha

MJ gave these rings to me and UJ! super cute!!!

Long time no see!!

Today, My friends and I went to Haeundae beach, which is really famous place in my hometown.
I hadn't been there for a long time,so we decided to go there and the weather was pretty good.
I was so extied to see the ocean.hehe
There were a lot of foreigners who were enjoying suntan.
We walked a little bit along the beach.
The water was quite cold though.

Anyway, I really like Haeundae.
I hope you guys can visit there if you have a chance to come to Korea.;-)


I was wearing

shoes-vivienne westwood

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Look of the day

Hey!!!! guys!!!
How are you?
It is raining here.:-(
Well, I have a news!
I am in NYLON Korea June 2011!!!
Do you guys remember that I went to NYLON and FACEHUNTER party?
red glasses and red jacket! It's me!!
I was very surprised when my sis told me about this last night
because I didn't expect at all.

Hope you enjoy.

I was wearing
T-shirt -Urban Outfitters

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Look of the day

We were tlking on skype with our friend who studies in Italy. haha

I really likes this pic. ;-p

Helloooooo ;-)

My sis got home last night!!hehe
She cut her hair today, and we went to vintage shops to get some items.
She got a super cute bag and a skirt, but I couldn't find anything..:-(
By the way, I have to do my homework..
I don't want to do it,,,,seriously..

I was wearing

blazer- vintage
T shirts- Urban Outfitters
bag- vintage
shoes-Urban Outfitters

sunny day

Hey guys!!! It's a beautiful day! ;-)

I had a lunch with my teacher and classmates today!
and then, I was planning to go to my grandma's home,
but my sis would come to Busan from Seoul.
Thus, I decided to stay home! hehe

Anyway, I met my friend anf talked about our future.
hmmmmm,,, I am sure we can do whatever we want.

Hope you enjoy!!

I was wearing   
jacket- my mom's jacket(I put a scarf on collars.)
shoes- Topshop
bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs