Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hey guys! How are you?
Today, it is sunny and perfect spring weather in Busan,Korea.
I am staying home all day though.haha
Nothing special....:-(

with my friend on skype!!! I think her jacket is so cool,isn't it?
She and I talked about something made her crazy.
You know,,"Boyfriend"
(Her room is quite messy..oops!)


Anyway, who is your favorite fashion celebrities?

If you ask me the same question,
I would say "Chloe Sevigny."

I think she is the most chic and stylish woman I've ever seen.
I know a lot of people like her.
When I was in NY few months ago, my sister and I were sitting at a cafe in soho.
Suddenly, my sister said "I saw Chloe Sevigny!!!!!!"
and then I said, "WHAT!!!!!???????"
when I turned to the window, she already passed the cafe...
I was about to go out to see her, but my sis said that she'd already gone because she couldn't recognize her for the first time. My sis thought that she saw Chloe Sevigny somewhere and she's so familiar to my sis,but actually my sis didn't know she was 'Chloe Sevigny'.
That's why she didn't say to me as soon as she saw HER.
I was angry!!!!! omg.... and really sad..
I believe that I can see her sooner or later when I go back to NY. <3

                                                  photo :google

hope you enjoy


DIY:A Lego Ring

 (Look at my ugly hand....)

I really really really like LEGO, so I have tons of Lego pins that I made and other accessories.
This time, I wanted to make a ring.
What do you think? This is super easy to make!!!!
I am gonna make this kind of rings more!

hope you enjoy!

p.s I took a level test in English institute today to take a class with teachers who speak English as first language. The result was not bad. haha I am pretty excitied to go to first class on Monday.

Hey guys!!! I reformed a vintage denim jacket.

Let's start!!!

First of all, I needed to make this denim jacket more brightly,
so I used bleach(liquid)!
I put it for almost two days because it was really dark denim basically.

                                                  ↓ This is a bleach! I am sorry it's Korean.haha

                                                         Can you see that the color is changed pretty a lot?

 Anyway, prepare acrylic color(Red and Black are enough! I didn't use white.) and then you may need a frame of heart.

 Put the frame on the jacket!

 I painted heart four times.

 After that, remove the frame!! YAY!!

OK, now it is time to draw an arrow!!
prepare black color!

Maybe, you need to paint the arrow at least three or four times!

Isn't it cute????? ;-)

Monday, April 25, 2011


I absolutely enjoyed the party.

red jacket- vintage

Fashion Hunter in Seoul

↓ This pic was taken from Yvan!!

You can see other pic of this party! 

I was invited from NYLON & FACEHUNTER Party on Friday night!
Actually, my sister and I were invited, so we were planning enjoy whole night...
However, she had too many things to do...(she works in fashion PR company. )
so, I went to the party alone with my card that I drew for Yvan.
When I arrived there, there were many people who were super stylish, and Yvan was quite busy with taking pictures of them.
It was pretty ackward to enjoy the party alone....(I am not outgoing person.haha)
so, I decided to give the card to him and then go back my sis' apt.
Yvan was talking with his friend, and I said" HI~!!! I have something to give you..:-)"
 and then he said "ah~~ oh~wow "
We talked each other a little bit.
After that, he took some pic of me, and then I asked his friend to take pic of us!
I was so glad to meet him in Korea, and I hope he remembers me so that I can say 'HI' next time in NY or somewhere.

hope you enjoy!

After church, my sister and I went shopping, and we got vintage shoes.
I need to stop buying shoes,but it is really hard..for me..haha
Anyway, the windy was pretty strong that day.

p.s How are my new glasses?