Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey guys!!! I reformed a vintage denim jacket.

Let's start!!!

First of all, I needed to make this denim jacket more brightly,
so I used bleach(liquid)!
I put it for almost two days because it was really dark denim basically.

                                                  ↓ This is a bleach! I am sorry it's Korean.haha

                                                         Can you see that the color is changed pretty a lot?

 Anyway, prepare acrylic color(Red and Black are enough! I didn't use white.) and then you may need a frame of heart.

 Put the frame on the jacket!

 I painted heart four times.

 After that, remove the frame!! YAY!!

OK, now it is time to draw an arrow!!
prepare black color!

Maybe, you need to paint the arrow at least three or four times!

Isn't it cute????? ;-)

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