Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hey guys! How are you?
Today, it is sunny and perfect spring weather in Busan,Korea.
I am staying home all day though.haha
Nothing special....:-(

with my friend on skype!!! I think her jacket is so cool,isn't it?
She and I talked about something made her crazy.
You know,,"Boyfriend"
(Her room is quite messy..oops!)


Anyway, who is your favorite fashion celebrities?

If you ask me the same question,
I would say "Chloe Sevigny."

I think she is the most chic and stylish woman I've ever seen.
I know a lot of people like her.
When I was in NY few months ago, my sister and I were sitting at a cafe in soho.
Suddenly, my sister said "I saw Chloe Sevigny!!!!!!"
and then I said, "WHAT!!!!!???????"
when I turned to the window, she already passed the cafe...
I was about to go out to see her, but my sis said that she'd already gone because she couldn't recognize her for the first time. My sis thought that she saw Chloe Sevigny somewhere and she's so familiar to my sis,but actually my sis didn't know she was 'Chloe Sevigny'.
That's why she didn't say to me as soon as she saw HER.
I was angry!!!!! omg.... and really sad..
I believe that I can see her sooner or later when I go back to NY. <3

                                                  photo :google

hope you enjoy



  1. OMG....... she is so cute! and jacket cool ! Is she dying herself?????
    Cool~ u r friend style is so good :-D
    I hope see more her look !

  2. Burn red !!! Red color make her face brighter and lovely ! :-)

  3. Let me tell you: your blog is WOW! Totally loving it!

  4. I love Chloe S she's amazing !!! Stylishhhh