Monday, April 25, 2011

Fashion Hunter in Seoul

↓ This pic was taken from Yvan!!

You can see other pic of this party! 

I was invited from NYLON & FACEHUNTER Party on Friday night!
Actually, my sister and I were invited, so we were planning enjoy whole night...
However, she had too many things to do...(she works in fashion PR company. )
so, I went to the party alone with my card that I drew for Yvan.
When I arrived there, there were many people who were super stylish, and Yvan was quite busy with taking pictures of them.
It was pretty ackward to enjoy the party alone....(I am not outgoing person.haha)
so, I decided to give the card to him and then go back my sis' apt.
Yvan was talking with his friend, and I said" HI~!!! I have something to give you..:-)"
 and then he said "ah~~ oh~wow "
We talked each other a little bit.
After that, he took some pic of me, and then I asked his friend to take pic of us!
I was so glad to meet him in Korea, and I hope he remembers me so that I can say 'HI' next time in NY or somewhere.

hope you enjoy!

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