Wednesday, April 13, 2011

with my best friend

I got this heart ring!!!

I had a really great time with my best friend.
She was in Australia last year to study English and work, and she came back on Febuary.
We hadn't seen each other for 15months ..,so we had a lot of things to talk!!!
When we were 20years old, we always talked about studying abroad.
We always had a dream was studying English in America or other countries uesd English as first language.
Finally, she went to Australia, and I went to New York.
At first, we planned to go 'together', but she went eariler than me, and then I went to NY.
Now, I think it was better for us to study separately because if we went to somewhere together,
I am sure we didn't study, and we were together all the time.(not to make foreign friends)
Anyway, we talk a lotttttttt about our nice experiences!!!
Also, we do want to go back to NY or Australia, and we promised that we would travel to Europe together sooner or later!!!

hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Hey girl!
    Today is... veeeeeeeryyyy joyful!!! :D
    I'll miss you while u r in Seoul. T.T
    I wish u come back quickly!!!

  2. I like the yellow watch, it adds a nice pop of colour to the outfit.